The Lazzaro Gallery was founded in 1991 by Adriano Corsi as a showcase for the works of the “Painter of Silence” (Rome 1914 – Milan 1989) to enable generations to come to experience all those sensations that he alone was able to express through the lyrical quality of his painting.
Gallery Lazzaro da Corsi contains a selection of paintings by the master from 1921 to 1989, ranging from his first drawings, studies and preliminary sketches to pastels, oils and ventures into the field of graphic arts.
.In addition to a large number of originals, the collection also contains silk screen prints (on canvas, masonite or paper), lithographies on paper, stamped reproductions on canvas and/or paper.
Gallery Lazzaro da Corsi has also published catalogues of exhibitions and monographs connected with the life and works of the “Painter of Silence”. It is also responsible for cataloguing, authenticating and publishing all originals in the General List of the artist's works. Three volumes of the collection have been published by the Giorgio Mondadori publishing house, the first in 1997, the second in 2001 and the third in 2004, all prefaced by the famous art critic Paolo Levi.
Currently, a list of other testimonials and unpublished works and works owned by private Art Galleries is being compiled and will be published in the form of a supplement to the three volumes already published.
Gallery Lazzaro da Corsi is the only authority with the right to authenticate Walter Lazzaro's works, those which it exhibits itself and those in other private collections or art galeries.
Apart from exhibiting the paintings of Walter Lazzaro, in his memory Gallery Lazzaro da Corsi extends its hospitality to young artists offering them space to display their works and enabling them to benefit from its experience in organising such events.
Exhibitions about Walter Lazzaro or of his work are staged in public places and private galleries both in Italy and elsewhere in Europe.